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Mold temperature in the basic industry applications
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Mold temperature in the basic industry applications

   Mold temperature machine is common in the beginning of the injection mold temperature control industry. Behind with the development of the machinery industry more and more common, but also widely used in the extrusion industry. Mold temperature machine is divided into water temperature, temperature control of the oil temperature machine can reach plus or minus 0.1 degrees. Between you is not very clear, I will come down to detail the next, the mold temperature in the extrusion industry applications.

1, the water temperature accurate and stable average temperature, can eliminate the cold line into the high temperature machine head, in the mold at the plastic contact with the composition of the disparity between the temperature, to prevent the plastic temperature shaken and led to the pressure of the extrusion shake, so as to stabilize the amount of extrusion, Ensure the quality of extrusion.

2, heating and cooling speed, can completely eliminate the appearance of water, oil, to avoid the possibility of stomata, to avoid extrusion of plastic due to the role of the residual pressure and internal stress.

3, water as heat transfer medium, temperature range: room temperature ~ 180 ℃, oil as heat transfer medium, temperature range: room temperature ~ 400 ℃. Currently, 300 degrees oil heater in the roller temperature control, hot press molding, flat heating, heating temperature control, heating temperature control, roller temperature control, drum temperature control, FRP hydroforming temperature, SMC mold heating control Temperature, hydraulic machine temperature control, hydraulic machine heating, alloy die-casting temperature control.

4, the pace of structural adjustment of the extrusion industry to accelerate from time to time, the market-oriented professional extrusion industry, the number of manufacturers and also rapid growth in response to market competition, in a modern factory, save manpower, improve quality, reduce operating costs Strategy is urgent, the use of mold temperature machine, quickly reach the temperature required for a variety of products.

5, mold temperature machine used to heat or cooling or temperature extrusion die and stick to its working temperature, to ensure product quality and optimize the processing time. According to the size of the mold, the required temperature to design different power mold temperature control machine.

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