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How to maintain industrial chiller
- Jan 20, 2017 -

First, to maintain the cleanliness of cold water machine filter, to keep air circulating around, filter cleaning cycle once in the second half, you can use compressed air blowing.

Second, to reduce the industrial cold water machine "sweat" phenomenon, you can turn off the cold water machine, then rise in water temperature of the cavity, and if so, will the rust.

Third, if industrial chillers use the term has been more than six months, or decrease refrigeration capacity, high and low pressure engine failure lights, cleaning the radiator, it is best to arrange technical personnel in charge, highly professional, and cleaning easier.

Finally, if industrial chillers have not used for a while, that in time will be loose rotor pump, pump pump for long without pollution of sediments removal, so as not to because the pump is not turning, causes the fuse to burn out.