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Freeze dryer end of operation process
- Jan 20, 2017 -

1. freeze dryer quick charging valve insert upon fast filling the seat, and off "vacuum pump" switch so that cold air slowly into hydrazine; if inert gas is required, the inert gas decompression duct connection "inflated";
2. turn the freeze dryer "vacuum gauge", "refrigerator", without unplugging the power cord for a long time;
3. lift the glass cover and remove the item, save, end of freeze drying;
4. cold hydrazine in the ice turned to water, the water should be excluded from the quick charging valve, operations similar to the inflatable;
5. clean cold moisture and impurities from hydrazine, proper maintenance of equipment;
6. the manifold should be shut down one by one and remove the rubber valve freeze-drying flask and repeat the shutdown operation.