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China South Locomotive
- Mar 12, 2018 -

China South Locomotive Co., Ltd. ("China South Locomotive" for short) is approved by the State Council and approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is jointly established by China South Locomotive Corporation and Beijing Tiegong Trading Company. It was established on December 28, 2007 and August 2008 to achieve the listing of A+H shares. There are currently 17 wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries, which are located in 10 provinces and cities across the country and employ nearly 90,000 people. At present, the registered capital of the company is 11.84 billion yuan. Headquartered in Beijing.

China South Locomotive is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture, sale, repair, leasing of railway locomotives, passenger cars, trucks, EMUs, metro rail vehicles and key components, as well as proprietary technology extension industries for rail transit equipment, as well as related technical services and information consultation. , Industrial investment and management, import and export business. According to the classification of "International Standard Industrial Classification", it belongs to the transportation equipment manufacturing industry in the machinery manufacturing industry.

China South Locomotive has a complete system of independent development, scale manufacturing, and standardization of railway locomotives, passenger cars, trucks, EMUs, metro rail vehicles, and related parts and components. The company has the largest R&D and manufacturing base for electric locomotives in China, a leading R&D and manufacturing base for high-tech EMUs, a leading R&D and manufacturing base for high-power diesel locomotives and diesel engines, and a leader in the development of high-end passenger cars in China. The manufacturing base and three localized fixed-point vehicles for urban rail vehicles are the largest manufacturers of metro rail vehicles in China. At the same time, CSR actively developed and successfully expanded its extended product market by utilizing proprietary technologies for rail transit equipment, including electric vehicles, wind power equipment, auto parts, marine crankshafts and diesel engines, high-power semiconductor components, and construction machinery.

CSR is an “innovative enterprise” granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. It has a national engineering center for converter technology, a national engineering laboratory for high-speed train system integration, and a national key experiment for traction and control of trains and locomotives. Room, high-speed EMU assembly, National Engineering Research Center, 4 national R&D and experimental institutions, 6 nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, 7 testing centers approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee, and 6 postdoctoral workstations. In the United States, the first overseas industrial power electronics R&D center in China’s rail transit equipment manufacturing industry was established, and a power semiconductor R&D center was established in the United Kingdom. The company's technology research and development and manufacturing levels have reached the world's advanced level in the same industry. The main products are advancing towards the technological goals of “advanced, mature, economical, applicable, and reliable”, not only satisfying the needs of China’s rail transportation, but also achieving volume export. At present, a number of high-performance products with independent intellectual property rights represented by high-speed EMUs and high-power locomotives have already reached the international advanced level. The comprehensive strength of CSR has entered the forefront of the world's rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the rail transportation industry in the new era, CSR, which is trying to innovate, has actively adapted to the requirements of the development of economic globalization, and has extended resources allocation, market development, technological innovation and user services to the world, with a more open mind and vision. In the process of cooperation and win-win, we will accelerate the modernization of China's rail transit equipment, produce first-class products with first-class technology, provide users with the most valuable green products, and strive to create the most socially responsible industry pioneers and international multinational companies.

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