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Chillers cooling towers
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Cooling tower carries waste heat for cooling tower is the role of heat exchange with the air so that gas transfers heat to the air and the national people's Congress.
In thermal power plant, for example, boiler water will be heated to a high temperature and high pressure steam, push steam turbine power generator.
1) boiler water heated to a high temperature and high pressure steam.
2) steam turbine power generator.
3) after work by the turbine exhaust steam into the condenser, condenses into water and cooling water heat exchanger, then the pump back to the boiler.
4) during the thermal cycles; in flue gas waste heat in the condenser cooling water is passed in, the rise in water temperature.
5) carries waste heat from cooling water in cooling towers in its heat to the air.
6) exported from Tower people the atmosphere, cooling in the cooling tower water into cold water and pump it into the condenser and recycled.
7) previous cycles for the circulation of water in the boiler, a circulating cooling water after the cycle, other industrial sectors, such as petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, widely used cooling towers.