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Chiller selection pay attention
- Jan 20, 2017 -

Industrial chiller application industrial cold water machine is widely used in industrial production processes, such as: plastics industry: accurate mold temperature control of all kinds of plastic processing, shorten the period of beer plastic to ensure product quality stability.

Electronics industry: stable molecular structure of internal electronic components on the production line, improve the rate of electronic components should be used in ultrasonic cleaning industry, effective cleaning agent to prevent expensive volatile and volatile bring harm.

Electroplating industry: electroplating temperature control, increase the density of plating and smooth and shorten the period of electroplating, increase productivity and improve product quality.

Mechanical industry: control of oil temperature of hydraulic system pressure, stability of hydraulic oil temperature, prolong the time oil, improve the efficiency of machinery lubrication, reducing wear.

Construction industry: supply of chilled water for concrete, concrete structure construction purpose requirements, effectively improve the hardness and toughness of concrete.

Food industry: for the rapid cooling of food processing, so as to meet packaging requirements, there is also control food temperature and so on.