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Application and characteristics of oil temperature machine
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Application and characteristics of oil temperature machine

       The advantages of the oil temperature machine is a large temperature range, good thermal certainty, but the need to send media costs, oil, heat transfer efficiency than the water temperature machine, our newly developed models, the use of imported plate heat exchanger, with a compact, Rising and cooling speed, the advantages of accurate temperature control, temperature and temperature control our oil temperature up to 350 ℃.

1, computer touch control, easy to understand.

2, Japan's imports of microcomputer dual group P.I.D temperature control table, touch-type storage, automatic calculation, saving more than 35%.

3, safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

4, imported advanced components, long service life.

5, heating and cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature.

6, unique dual-power heating design, suitable for different temperature control places, energy-saving effect is obvious.

7, stainless steel forming, tube loss, heating evenly.

8, boot automatically exhaust function.

9, mold back to the oil temperature detection table.

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