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Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers contrast
- Jan 15, 2018 -

Air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers contrast

Chiller according to the different forms of the condenser is divided into two types, through the fin-type condenser cooling unit is called air-cooled chiller; through the shell and tube condenser on the unit will be called the water-cooled cold water In fact, the two functions of the chiller is exactly the same, but the heat is not the same, the former is through the top of the unit motor heat generated by the unit will be distributed to the air, while the latter is by the heat generated by the unit away , To maintain the stable operation of the refrigeration unit.

Chiller generally by the control system, refrigerant circulation system and chilled water circulation system of three related systems, including refrigeration four pieces: compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve:

1, the control system: contains thermostat, contactor, PC board and many other components, with overload, reverse, the wrong phase, antifreeze and other safety precautions, 7-inch true color LCD display, simple operation;

2, refrigerant circulation system: scroll compressor, fully enclosed system, the compressor will compress the refrigerant through the evaporator, condenser and expansion valve to gas and liquid conversion, resulting in frozen liquid, and the need to cool the medium heat Exchange, take away the extra heat, to achieve refrigeration purposes;

3, chilled water circulation system: The main task of the ice water pump to complete and continue the cycle, and the need for cooling medium heat exchange, take away the excess heat, and then returned to the evaporator to re-create frozen liquid.

Water-cooled chiller is mainly through the water to take away the heat generated by the unit, so need to support cooling towers to work, the cooling capacity slightly higher than the same power of the air-cooled chiller, due to less cooling fan, the energy consumption But also to save some, but the installation is slightly more complicated than the air-cooled chiller some more pipes, valves and circulation pump, and air-cooled chiller is the heat emitted to the air, there are certain requirements for the placement of space, the relative For example, the utility model saves water resources, is simple to install, only needs to be connected with a device which needs cooling, and is suitable for being used in a water-deficient or dry area.

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