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Air - cooled chiller in the air conditioning industry in the future development strategy
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Air - cooled chiller in the air conditioning industry in the future development strategy


      With the continuous improvement of living and working environment comfort requirements, the average annual growth rate of China's refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial chiller industry has been maintained at a high level in the recent 10 years. China has now developed into the second-largest consumer market and the largest producer of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in the world. Refrigeration and air conditioning industry has become an important component of China's equipment industry's viability and national economy. Commercial central air conditioning rapid development. Central air conditioner industry statistics show that in 2015 China's central air-conditioning market showed rapid growth, the growth rate of 48%. Commercial central air-conditioning industry in real estate development, department stores and warehousing logistics, construction of large-scale public buildings, driven by the continued strong demand.

      As the most important part of energy saving in public institutions that represents energy efficiency in buildings, the energy consumption of buildings can account for more than 70% of the energy consumption of public institutions while air-conditioning and heating can account for 30-40% of the energy consumption of buildings. This shows the importance of China's central air-conditioning energy management. Air conditioning industry boom, inevitably lead to the development of the refrigeration industry. Energy-saving issues in the area of refrigeration Concerned over time, the overall steady increase in the central air-conditioning at the same time, with energy-saving advantages of modular chillers, water source heat pumps, screw chillers and other industries will achieve higher than the growth.

      Our company calmly analyzed the situation calmly, realized the modern management of enterprises, formulated strategies and readjusted the structure so as to actively raise funds for production and operation, equipment investment and technology upgrading in the future. Improve the technical content and performance quality of the product. Effectively provide energy efficient environmental protection and other technical processing plans, so as to seize the initiative in the market, to seize the initiative. It has become a powerful weapon for enterprises to win market opportunities.

      Kassel Machinery Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou to further increase investment in research and development to form their own core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, will be an indispensable guarantee in an invincible position in the market competition. At the same time effectively integrate resources and forces from all walks of life to create their own technical characteristics and quality product brands, in order to serve the market and users, to ensure that the international market competition in an invincible position to build China's own century-old enterprises and a hundred years Brand.

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