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Advantages of oil heaters
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Advantages of oil heaters

      The maximum oil temperature of HTF oil heater can reach 230 ℃. When the HTHP oil temperature is 200 ℃, the specific heat can reach 2.6kj / kg ℃ and the thermal conductivity can reach 0.4kg / mh ℃. The oil heater HTF has Good thermal stability. With flexible and accurate temperature control methods, the use of temperature regulators, with multi-point thermocouple testing, platen temperature below 230 ℃ adjustable. Temperature and alarm temperature settings, so that the temperature control accuracy, once the temperature exceeds the alarm. With the hot press to adjust the pressure, dwell time setting, to avoid the sheet due to moisture content is too high or too low and other adverse factors caused the processing of defective products.

      Oil heater hot press platen is generally multi-layer set, each layer is an independent unit, the unit has a thermal cycle channel, hot plate in the overall connection, you can take series, can also be taken in parallel. They derive their heat from the heat source, which are long in series and short in parallel. When the unit is changed, the access is convenient, the temperature control is easier to control, the temperature difference of the pressure plate is not big, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heat conducting oil can be controlled under 24 ℃. Relatively large pipe diameter in series, the use of hot oil pump power is relatively large, the general use of hot press platen connection in parallel, which for the platen simultaneously hot pressing process to adapt to good effect. The role of hot press platen in the production of three plates is hot press forming and heat exchange. Hot plate heating temperature is generally set at a temperature of 110-120 ℃, low hot forming effect is not good, easy to overheat foaming lead to increased waste.

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