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Oil And Gas Recovery Refrigerating Unit

Oil And Gas Recovery Refrigerating Unit

The heat of oil and gas is displaced by refrigeration technology to realize the direct conversion of oil and gas components from gas phase to liquid phase. Condensing method is a method to recover oil and gas by utilizing the difference of vapor pressure of hydrocarbon substances at different...

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The heat of oil and gas is displaced by refrigeration technology to realize the direct conversion of oil and gas components from gas phase to liquid phase. Condensing method is a method to recover oil and gas by utilizing the difference of vapor pressure of hydrocarbon substances at different temperatures and making some hydrocarbon vapor pressure in oil and gas reach the state of oversaturation through cooling and condensing the oversaturated vapor into liquid state. In general, the multi-stage continuous cooling method is adopted to reduce the temperature of oil and gas so that it can be condensed into liquid for recovery. The low temperature of the condensing device is determined according to the composition of volatile gas, the required recovery rate and the concentration limit of organic compounds in the exhaust gas released into the atmosphere in the back row. Generally according to the pre - cooling, mechanical refrigeration and other steps to achieve. Precooler is a single-stage cooling device, in order to reduce the operation energy consumption of recycling equipment, has now developed a use the amount of cold recycling technology and into the recovery unit of gas temperature from ambient temperature to 4 ℃ or so, make the most of the gas water vapor condenses into water and remove. The gas leaves the precooler and enters the shallow cooling stage. Gas temperature can be cooled to - 30 ℃ ~ - 50 ℃, according to the need to set, recycled nearly half of hydrocarbons in oil and gas. Leave the shallow level of the oil and gas into the cryogenic cold, can be cooled to - 73 ℃ to 110 ℃, according to the requirements of different set temperature and configuration of the compressor.

Advantages: simple process principle, considerable economic benefits *;

Can intuitively see the liquid recovery of oil products;

High safety;

High level of automation.

The principle of oil and gas condensation technology is to replace the heat of oil and gas with freezing engineering method, so that the oil and gas components change from gaseous state to liquid state when the temperature is lower than the freezing point, and realize recovery and utilization.

By adopting the method of multistage continuous cooling refrigeration to - 73 ℃, the typical oil and gas recovery in 90 ~ 95%. Condensation to - 95 ℃, exit gas of methane concentration of total hydrocarbon acuities were 35 g/m3.

The advantages of condensing oil and gas recovery technology are simple process, good safety performance and the recovered material is directly oil product. Since the single compressor cascade refrigeration technology development of pure condensing method of oil and gas recovery unit of oil and gas temperature can be dropped to - 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃. Under normal working conditions, the power consumption of the device is only 0.2 (Kw·h) /m3 oil and gas, and the electricity consumption is equal to that of activated carbon adsorption method.

Condensing oil and gas recovery and treatment equipment has mature key technologies, relatively low cost, small footprint, easy maintenance, good safety, and small operating costs. It only consumes electricity and cooling water (air cooling is also available), and the recovery benefits far outweigh the energy expenditure. The processing capacity of pure condensation oil and gas recovery equipment is 5 ~ 500m3/h.

The process flow

Oil and gas by the tertiary cooling, the temperature is lowered to - below 100 ℃, thereby condense out of the clean liquid hydrocarbons.

Oil and gas first cool down to 3 ~ 5 ℃, condensed out of the reorganization of hydrocarbons and carry the water in the air, reduce the possibility in the later stage of the frost. In the secondary cooling, oil and gas is further cooled to - 50 ~ 65 ℃, and then through tertiary refrigeration cooling to - 100 ~ 110 ℃. From the three levels of refrigeration condensing after clean air is heated to 10 ℃ or higher, heat recovery heat from the refrigeration system. Defrosting: : water vapor carried into the air of the device condenses into liquid in the ** phase, and the remaining water vapor frosts in the second phase. The defrosting liquid is preheated by the waste heat of the circulating refrigeration system. When the system runs continuously for 24 hours, two oil and gas condensers are needed, one of which is defrosting, the other is continuing to operate, and the system automatically defrosts and switches. A rapid defrosting system was designed for the pure condensing oil and gas recovery unit, and defrosting was completed within 3 ~ 5min.

Performance and indicators

Safety -- all components are Ex explosion-proof components; No mechanical or electrical components for oil and gas channels.

Emission concentration -- gasoline and naphtha, exhaust gas export concentration up to 12g/m3 (national standard gb20952-2007: oil and gas emission up to 25g/m3).

Load - when operating over 150% ~ 180% of the designed flow rate, the recovery rate decreases slightly when operating over load, and the recovery rate of gasoline is 90% when operating over 150% of the designed flow rate.

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